Saturday, May 24, 2008

Kok KaMu TegA???

Ini untuk pertama kalinya, sejak.....
Meskipun sebelumnya sdh mikir panjang,
Sudah merenung panjang,
Sudah mempertimbangkan baik buruknya,
Gw akhirnya benar2 TIDAK melakukan itu...

Merasa bersalah?? ya iyalaahh...
Merasa sedih? sudah pastiiilaaahh...
Merasa bahagia? setidaknya begitulaaahh...

Meski ragu, bingung, gelisah...
Pokoknya bermacam2 pikiran berkecamuk...
Tapi gw berhasil mengatasinya...
Dan buktinya berhasil...

Tapi... jauh dilubuk hati gw tetep ada tanya:
'Hei Wiet...Kok KaMu TegA???'

***Maaf ya untuk pertama kalinya aq tidak melakukannya****

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Born To Love You

Song by: George Duke

You walk into my life
And change the balance of my days
With your eyes you say
I'm yours and you are mine

But still, something's very wrong
No I can't just go along
Though you want to stay
I must find a reason to delay

We're not the same
You playing game, I know
But If I keep my feeling strong
I'll find the song you sing
Though I can tell we're worlds apart
And in my heart it's clear
That love has found a cloudy day
I'm here to say that I
was born to love you (more)

Such a lovely face
With a warm and tender smile
Though I want you so
Found in deep inside keep saying

Don't trust your heart this time
Could my mind be playing games
Am I so betrayed that my heart and mind
Can never be the same